How Depression Can Cause Tiredness in Your Body?


As per the study report which was published in the year 2018, it was claimed that fatigue can affect as high as 90% people leading to depression. Let us therefore try to understand the link between fatigue and depression and also how can we cope with it.

Studies have also been conducted by various medical researchers about the effects of CBD edibles on depression and positive results were observed.

What are the various causes of depression?

  1. Sleep problem

For good health, sleep is one of the most essential requirements, as it can help us to get rejuvenated. Though lack of sleep may not be the immediate reason for depression but it can help in increasing it, if any person is already suffering from it.

Even those people having depression may get good sleep but will not feel fresh as their quality of sleep will be poor.

Research has also shown that people having depression or any other mental disorder are likely to suffer from insomnia.

Obstructive sleep apnea can also be considered as another sleep disorder which can be linked to depression. Research studies have found that depression will be common in people having sleep apnea.

2. Diet

Lots of research has been conducted to find the relationship between our diet and depression and the report found evidence that by taking good diet, like anti-inflammatory foods, one can reduce the risk of depression. However, further research has to be done to make final conclusion.

Another analysis was also conducted to study the relationship between specific diet pattern and increased risk of depression.

Researchers found that particularly among Westerners, their diet usually contains red meat, refined grains, processed meat, sweet and few other unhealthful foods. All these can also increase the risk of depression in few people.

3.  Stress

The level of dopamine and serotonin which are chemicals found in our brain play very important part to regulate our energy and mood, which can be affected by stress.

Also, research also found that stressful life can significantly enhance the risk of major depressive disorder.

All these stressful lives can be caused by break in relationship or friendship, financial loss, death of any loved one, job and health-related issues.

Also, stress can result in inflammation in our body that can cause hypersomnia and fatigue. A person may totally withdraw from all social activities and may not be able to think clearly.

4.  Medications

Often people tend to take few prescribed medications which can help our neurotransmitters of the brain, so that our mood can be controlled however, that too can cause fatigue as side effects.

Other complications

Due to increased fatigue because of medications, not only it causes further depression but also can end up in increasing medical costs too. During the year 2015, study was conducted on 1982 number of people having depression, where 653 had lots of fatigue.

All these people suffering from fatigue had increased depression, sleep disorder, pain and anxiety. People having more fatigue were found to be using more medications as compared to people having no fatigue.

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