CBD Oil – A Safer Alternative to Therapeutic Treatment of Anxiety and Depression


Mental health is seen as a taboo even when more and more people are suffering from mental health diseases in silence. Anxiety and depression are as painful as any other physical illness yet very few seek medical help. The side-effects of medicines prescribed for treating panic and generalized depressive disorders are unfortunately very high.

Everyone suffering from depression is seeking safer alternatives to get rid of the symptoms that cause constant harmful thoughts, lethargy, fear, and hopelessness. Anxiety on the other hand causes extreme irritability, restlessness, and irregular heart beat.

Anxiety medications cause more stress than the cure they provide. CBD supplements can provide us with an alternative treatment for these mental health disorders. The authenticity of providers of cannabis oil UK is not known. However, Just CBD store provides highest quality, authentic, and laboratory certified CBD oil supplements.

Is it really possible to get relief from anxiety and depression with CBD oil?

Researchers have been trying to investigate the positive effects of CBD oil on mental health of human beings since a very long time. Some animal and placebo studies have provided hope that CBD oil can reduce the symptoms and also the need for medicinal treatment of anxiety disorders.

The result of some these studies are:

  • Diazepam induced stress ulcers were inhibited with the introduction of CBD oil in one of the animal studies.
  • One study on rats showed that CBD stimulated the effects of anti-depressions on their brains.
  • Treatment of animals with cannabis oil produced evident change in their stressful and fear based behaviour and made them calmer.
  • One placebo study on humans, CBD oil in low doses produced better response among the subjects than a placebo; while produced lesser calming effects than diazepam.
  • CBD was also shown to reduce the sluggish and lethargic effects of diazepam while still providing relief from the stressful symptoms.
  • Both animal and human studies on use of CBD as an alternative to anti-depressants showed enhancement of mood, energy, and reaction time.
  • In a double-blind human study, CBD reduced the severity and recovery time of a panic-attack.
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviour among human subjects was also reduced in severity with cannabis supplements.

Many CBD oil users have stated that it has not just made them calmer and stress free but has also helped them to feel less irritable and fearful when they were weaned on anti-depressants. Though, CBD oil does not seem to alter serotonin levels of the brain but it does alter how the receptors react to the available serotonin more effectively. Also, many CBD users have reported almost no side-effects when compared to the more harmful anti-anxiety and depression medicines.

CBD supplements might not work alone or magically, but over a period of time when clubbed with continuous efforts and lifestyle changes; CBD has been able to reduce anxiety symptoms in many users.

You must always consult your general practitioner before you start any new medication and even before you plan to stop your anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications. Call suicide helpline if you experience any suicidal or self-harming thoughts.

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